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Marayoor and Kanthalloor Panchayaths in Idukki district are famous for the unique product Marayoor jaggery or Marayoorsharkara.

Marayoorsharkara is one of the sweetest jaggeries produced in the area using traditional technologies. High sweetness without salty taste, high content of iron, less sodium content, less insoluble impurities, organic method of production and dark brown colour are the unique characters of this traditional sharkara.

The quality of Marayoor jaggery is attributed to low temperature prevailing in the area, soil characteristics, quality of water used for irrigation and jaggery production, the traditional methods of production and sugarcane varieties used in cultivation.

Another specialty of this jaggery is that it is not made in factories using modern equipment, but in the jaggery production sheds located in the farm itself, in a traditional manner. The jaggery produced from the geographical area has a higher market demand than that produced from other regions, since it is very sweet in taste and is of good quality.

Marayoor sharkara without colouring agents will be dark brown in colour. Undasharkara (ball shaped, solid form) is the main product of the area while paani ( liquid form), flavoured sharkara and powder form are also produced in minor quantities.




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