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Raisins are sweet and succulent dried grapes. It is produced by removing water from the grapes entirely and drying them. They come in colors varying from green to dark brown. Coming in the size of small pebbles, raisins have a wrinkled skin with chewy flash.
Made from indigenous Black Grapes native to kashmir and comes with seeds. Sundried to keep the phytonutrients intact, these raisins are a natural, nutritious health snack for kids and adults alike.  Black Raisins also known as dried black grapes. The black raisins are generally used for many Indian deserts and Rice dishes and Kormas.

Raisins do have seeds when they originate from seeded grapes. In this case, the seeds are removed before drying the grapes, and when they dry, they are known as seeded raisins. On the other hand, they can also be seedless. Seedless raisins are made from a variety of grapes with no seeds. Benefits of black raisin with seeds are ; It helps in reducing cholesterol.





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